Warm Regards From The Ruinerwold

On behalf of the churches of Ruinerwold we wish you Gods blessing and joy in Jesus Christ. Marry
We support the project of YABIMA and GKSBS financially and are regularly informed of the situation on the beautiful island Sumatra by Henriëtte Nieuwenhuis and Kerk in Actie. We would like to tell you something about our community. Ruinerwold is a small peacefull village in the Northern part of Holland (near Meppel/Zwolle). We have about 2.500 people living here. There are about 20 farms and some factories. Three churches act together in the contact with Christian schools, and several events in our small village. We also form a group of church-members who organise activities for Kerk in Actie in Ruinerwold. In december we have a Christmas Sing-In and a second hand books market. We inform the visitors about your situation as good as we can and hope they will remember you in their prayers as we do.

These are our churches:



This is a building from the 12th century, rebuilt around 1500 AD. Blijdenstein means ‘happy place’ and it certainly is a good place to celabrate our belief in God. The capacity is for about 250 people and officially we have 1100 members, but on Sundays only a small group (50-100) go to church. Nevertheless is the whole village aware of the importance of this old church. Ruinerwold wouldn’t be the same without it. We have our own choir, a sundayschool for the children and many more going on. Perhaps you can find us on the internet: http://hervormde-gemeente-ruinerwold.protestantsekerk.net (or easier tot find us on Google: hervormd ruinerwold).



This is the youngest en smallest building and community of the three.

We celebrated  on 23 October the hundredth anniversery of the building and two years later we will be 100 year a community.

We have about 60 members and about 40 of them visit every sunday this little church. The children visit then the sundayschool. During the week there are in winter season several courses, f.e. biblical study

You find us on: www.hervormdekapelruinerwold.nl




De Gereformeerde Kerk in Ruinerwold (Berghuizen) is build in 1835 and after that several times rebuild and this church is the biggest building of the three in Ruinerwold

The first pastor and teacher was Ds. De Cock, he was de father/founder from the later Theologic Highschool. Officially we have around 1100 members but on Sunday there are between 200 and 300 people visiting the church.During the week there are several activities f.e. bible studies, meetings, youthclubs.

You can find us on: www.rondomdejeugd.nl.


All the best wishes from Gerrit, Rimke, Fokke, Hilda, Cobien, Dinie, Alland en Roel. (email: kloosterziel-smit@planet.nl)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year